Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And she's off..

Since I am probably the only one of us you don't know, i will first introduce myself.
I am a 51 year "young" mom, wife, and speech language pathologist. I am a quilter, stitcher and reader. I am passionate about samplers; I don't stitch anything "cutesy" or pictoral. Just samplers. And mostly quaker. In the last five years, I have done very little stitching as the eyes make it very hard. I used to stitch on 32 and up but, these days, 28ct can be tolerated quite well. (I can't do 36 at all anymore....) I have about 1000 WIPs...ok..I stretch the truth, which is closer to 50...but dang....those ziplock baggies seem to muliply! All samplers. I have another 100+ charts that I will not get around to stitching if I live to be 600. I may take the advise of another older stitcher. She has resorted to framing the charts!
I am excited about this swap. I haven't swapped stitching before, but have been quite active swapping quilt blocks for the past couple of years. Since I now have more quilts than I could ever use, it's back to stitching.
I have been searching for a pattern; almost had it last night but wouldn't you know...it was 56 stitches high. So, it is back to the drawing board tonight. I will be using silks and antique white to stitch it, whatever IT is!
In these, do you post what colors etc you are drawn to, etc. I just am a rookie...please be gentle.

Karen in MD (samplerknn)


DaisyGirl said...

Hi Karen,
You can post the colors if you like, it might help in pairing up! I am a quilter also, haven't quilted in a while, stitching makes me happier. No Math! haha.
I'm thinking I'm gonna use a tan piece of linen. I love those country colors!

Barbara said...

Hi Karen,

You got me chuckling on this dreary, rainy morn. Welcome to the exchange! Just know it's going to be fun :)

Lavender Rose said...

Hey, Karen!
I'm so pleased to meet you! Please check out my blog to get to know a bit about me, too. So good to know we'll be getting to stitch for eachother and getting to be friends more and more over the next few months. I have several stitching friends in the MD area!


Amy said...

Hi Karen,
Sounds like you have a nice large stash... can we all come play in it? ;-)
I love Quakers & Samplers as well. What are some of your WIP's??