Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hi everyone....

I'm Sandy and I'm from Louisiana. I like Quaker designs, seasonal, samplers, welcome sayings, things with ABC's, religious themes, gardening and flowers. I don't do animals, dragons, mystical, castles, cartoons types. My favorite colors are jewel tones like reds, greens, blues, burgandy's, etc. I likes some pastels if it's in the pattern that's fine but I'm more of a darker color person.

My favorite designers are Little House Needleworks, any Quaker designers, Prairie Schooler, Blackbird Designs, Shepherd's Bush, Lizzie Kate, Bent Creek, Heart In Hand, and most recently I've discovered french designers like a mon ami Pierre. There's so many more but I won't bore you all.

I'm not sure what I'd like to do with my squares. I'm very finishing challenged so I may get them made into a quilt if I can find someone who quilts as I don't know anyone personally. I would love to have a Friendship quilt with different pieces from different stitchers from around the world.

I don't mind my partner giving me any hints whatsoever as to what they'd like stitched for their square either. Anything will help me out.

Can't wait to start the exchange and thanks for having me. You can go to my blog and see some of my recent finishes there also.


samplerknn said...

Glad to meet you! I think this will be fun as well!

Tanya said...

Hi Sandy,
Nice Blog you have :) Welcome - exchange sounds to be great!

DaisyGirl said...

Welcome Sandy! I'm from Georgia, we like alot of the same designers! Glad to meet you! Maybe we'll get matched together.