Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tanya's Likes and Dislikes

I see under my name that is says I didn't list any likes or dislikes but I did!!! Last week I had posted the following that I'll post again here :) Thanks!

>>Some of my favorite designers include BLACKBIRD DESIGNS, HOMESPUN ELEGANCE, BRIGHTNEEDLE, LITTLE BY LITTLE, EWE AND EYE, SHEPHERD'S BUSH, LITTLE HOUSE NEEDLEWORKS to name a few. I love houses and alphabets and designs that have an antique-style overall. I like Quaker designs too! I like sweet sayings but short and sweet ones ~ nothing corny. Ha!Oh goodness, this is tough ~ I don't know if I want to concentrate on a theme ~ perhaps just let the stitcher know my preferences and go from there? I don't like mythical things, geometric, fairies, angels, cartoony, cutesy or seasonal stuff. I don't know about finishing yet ~ maybe a quilt or small little pillows. It all depends on how the squares all flow together.


Vonna said...

Sorry Tanya...I'm behind on getting the stuff updated....first I had to work Sat, Sun, Mon and I have 4 kids and three of them had their last day of school on I had to finish a RR that was due today on Friday...So I'll get it taken care of right now. Sorry for the confusion. I apologize.

Tanya said...

No problem at all ~ just thought I'd repost :) Thanks so much to you and Annemarie for organizing this!!!