Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Addresses Sent!!!!!!!!

Hello ladies :)
I've just e-mailed everyone, the addresses of their partners. If you did not receive them via e-mail please let me know as soon as possible!!!!

Just a re-cap as we have some confusion. IF you want to state likes/dislikes please leave a note here on the blog. I simply "cut and paste" what you write and put it in the side bar under your name.

If you have a blog, please give me that information and I will make it available in the sidebar.
Some of our participants do not have blogs. Please contact them via e-mail so that you can figure out likes/dislikes if you want to do that.

Remember that you are partners and in the idea of "Exchanging Friendship Squares" you are stitching for your partner or new friend. (i.e. Annemarie paired people in about 5 posts down... there is a list if it says: Lou and Belle then Lou stitches a square for Belle and sends it to her; while Belle stitches a square for Lou and sends it to her.)

Mailing Dates for this first round is: July 13, 2007; you may mail anytime between now and then however all squares MUST BE POSTED BY OR ON JULY 13, 2007!!!

Sign ups for ROUND #2 will be taken as listed in the side bar under Exchange Round Dates.

If there are any further questions please e-mail me at pfeiffers6@sbcglobal.net

REMEMBER: I just sent the addresses of partners to your e-mail address, if I gotten your address wrong, your name spelled wrong, the wrong partner from what is listed on Annemarie's post. PLEASE E-MAIL ME A.S.A.P.

Thanks for understanding that this is a learning curve. I think there has been relatively few problems, and that everyone should have their partners name, address, e-mail address by this time. If not CONTACT ME!
Thanks so much! I'm already stitching my square...what about you? I think Donna is nearly finished and close to mailing....anyone else?
Best wishes and hugs, from me to you :)


Terry said...

OOPs, looks like you all are way ahead of me. I have gotten my design picked out, fabric cut and floss purchased though..

Marie-P said...

Not to worry Terry, I am at the exact same place you are! Each day I say "I MUST start stitching" and then life gets in the way!

Annemarie said...

Finished and ready to mail??? Er... Ahem. Not me.

Thanks Vonna!

Barbara said...

I'm in the process of stitching my piece for Wendy. I hope to finish stitching in a week or so. It's got a long way to travel :)

Julie said...

Annemarie, I'll keep you company by finishing last with you! Actually I am hoping to start the piece this weekend, but that may be wishful thinking.
We're still to post pictures here of the blocks before we mailed them or did I just make that up?