Monday, June 4, 2007

Hi Daisygirl & all F&S friends

After a long weekend at a convention it was such fun to come home last night and see who my exchange partner is. It's so nice to meet you Donna and I am looking forward to this fun stitching project.

You asked for some ideas and I am happy to give you some but PLEASE KNOW THAT I WILL LOVE ANYTHING YOU STITCH FOR ME. Just the thought of someone taking the time and effort is special enough.

So here are a few ideas - I love houses and house related things (think gardens, cats, etc), samplers, Quaker-designs. Designs by 'Just Nan', 'Blackbird Designs', 'Country Cottage Needleworks', 'The Prairie Schooler' and 'The Drawn Thread' are among my favorites. After seeing Annemarie's hint about a friendship quilt I think that is what I will be making. Imagine how wonderful this will look after I've exchanged with all of you. Like many other F&S exchangers I'm really not too keen on cartoons or cutsie things and very bright colors.

I hope this helps and can only add "If you enjoy making it I'm sure I'll love it!!"

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DaisyGirl said...

Looking forward to being your partner!