Sunday, June 17, 2007

Karen's Is Stitched!!

I put the final stitches into Karen's Fair & Square pieces tonight, and can't wait to get them mailed to her!

I have to admit I worried a little bit about our Schoolmarms, Mistresses Vonna and An, instructing us "do not be a stitch over 50 one way or another!!" I'm afraid I've broken that cardinal rule already!! GASP!! If they were near me, I have no doubts they would smack my stitching hand with a ruler!! Thanks be to God, I cower away now, safe in my little closet.
Oh, how I counted. Let me assure you I did. But I couldn't resist one tiny extra little stitch. So, if nobody counts, maybe they won't detect my l tiny, bitty stitch too many on the left side. :[ It was a do-or-die stitch!!!
This yellow rose above is my humble token as a way of asking forgiveness, and in hopes that I may continue to stitch with the Fair & Squares. 'though, I suppose it could be said of a wretch like me that I'm not completely fair or square...:((
Love and hugs,
Deb/Lavender Rose
PS: Squares happily coming to your house soon, Karen!!! :))


Vonna said...

LOL! You silly goose :)

Annemarie said...

Mistress An reporting for duty. You naughty girl! [grin]
Well, I suppose that means you're forgiven already :o)
You u nderstand of course that I want to see a picture of that finished square pronto!

Lavender Rose said...

Look on my blog, dear Mistress!! I promise to do pendance and do my best on the next square! :p