Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hannah's Blocks Received

Hannahs blocks have been received! Thank you Hannah - I love them both. I love DT patterns, but haven't ever purchased any for myself. I'm so glad we were paired together - Julie


Lizzy said...

Oh, lovely Squares, Hannah! That bunny is too cute! I love the way you stitched your name square as well!

Hannah said...

Glad you received and like them!

Someone else here stitched the same square. Mine was already finished before a picture of hers was posted. I thought it was pretty crazy that two people picked the same square out of all the million patterns that are out there. lol :)

Lin said...

Two people with the same great taste in design! :)

Love your signature square, too!

Lauren said...

That's pretty funny! It's beautiful!