Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Some Changes

Ok, ladies....
You will notice that I've changed some stuff around here. I made a separate "blog" for Member profiles...this way your likes/dislikes/blog URL's are accessible by your partners. So when you get your new partners this week all you have to do is click on the sidebar link that says MEMBER PROFILES and it will take you to the blog with all our member's info on it. All you have to do is see your partner's name on the side, click on it and it will show you exactly what your partner said about their preferences, if they have a blog or not, etc.
I thought this "cleaned" up the look of our main blog here and made it much better to look up our partners too.
Tomorrow, I will be sending the partner info!
HURRAY! I'm ready to start! *again* :)

1 comment:

DaisyGirl said...

Wahoo! I'm ready! It will be nice to know who I have before I leave for band camp!