Saturday, August 18, 2007

Posting Squares and other Business Matters

Hello All!
After seeing other blogs with many authors, I've realized that we've never set any guidelines about posting. So when you post your squares, please put in the labels line your name, stitcher's name and which Round it is.
So for example, My partner is Ernie for this round. I receive Ernie's squares, what I would do is:
  1. Write my post about receiving my squares; with a picture of said squares
  2. Label my post on the label line with: Vonna, Ernie, Round 2
  3. Publish

This will make it all easy for us when we get to round 50 (ha, ha, ha....) to be able to pick our names or rounds and see all the lovely squares we received.

**If you are unfamiliar with posting to this blog, or uploading pictures, or cannot upload pictures, please ask your "partner" to post pictures for you when possible, so that we can all see what we've stitched.

And just one little more bit of business, please make sure that I am aware and your partner is aware of e-mail changes, address changes, etc. I know we've had several people move or in the process of moving and we need to keep everyone informed so that we can receive from each other without any problems. Many thanks...we're getting within 3 weeks of deadlines..and I for one know I NEED to get stitching! Hugs to all!

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