Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yes...Marie is correct!! She is WAAAAY ahead!

Aren't they beautiful!!!!!!!!! I received them Friday, but they got "lost" until yesterday when I finally opened them! She went them with a lovely postcard from Vermont, where she doesn't realize we used to live! Anywho, I am feeling rather behind now, as I haven't decided what I am even stitching yet!! Story of my Marie, be patient, you won't be recieving your squares this week!! LOL!!!

Thanks so much, they are lovely! And if you can't see in the pictures, she did her name one over one!! I am impressed.



Vonna said...

Stunning as always. Marie is a supremely talented lady!
Congrats Karen!

Mindi said...

Gorgeous Blocks!

Michele said...

very very pretty!

Lauren said...

How beautiful!

Marie-P said...

Glad that the block was "to your liking" :-)...I certainly do not expect to see your block until much later ;-D. I sign up for a number of exchanges then begin to panic, so I set EARLY deadlines for myself!

Lavender Rose said...

Right up your alley, Karen! Looks like red is going to be your color!!