Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How are we doing???

Hello Fair and Square Members!
How are we doing? We're getting close to our mailing deadline, so here's a friendly reminder to get your squares in the mail on or before Friday, September 7, 2007.
If something has happened and you cannot mail by 7/7/07 e-mail your partner and myself (Vonna) so that we can be abreast of the situation. This reminder is for myself too, I've still got to stitch my own squares to send!

Also sign ups for Round #3 continues. Please look in the sidebar and see if your name is there if you want it to be there or that its not there if you don't want it there. Either e-mail me or post to this board if you want to join Round #3 or you want your name removed from the list.

Thanks, to all those that have already mailed their squares. We've had some beautiful squares both stitched and received already! I can't wait to see all 40+ of them :)

Have a great week ahead,


Carol said...

I'm still planning to mail mine out by 9/7....

Michele said...

thanks for the gentle kick in the butt Vonna .. I sooo needed it *smile*