Thursday, September 20, 2007

My *finished* squares from Marie P. and Donna B.

Here are my squares from Marie P *my Round #1 partner* into a pinkeep: FRONT
And then my squares from Donna B. *my Round #2 (part 1) partner*, which I made into a sweet stuffed pillow!

I had a bit of a finishing bug today and I'm glad I got this much accomplished. I still am working on the finishing of Hannah's squares....maybe tomorrow, or later this evening I'll be able to post pictures of a finish :)
Thanks! ~Vonna


Michele said...

oh Vonna .. they turned out so nice! WTG on finishing those pretty squares :)

staci said...

I love the way you've finished your squares!!! Gorgeous!

DaisyGirl said...

OOOOh! vonna, my pillow looks wonderful! I'm thinking about doing that instead of waiting to make a quilt. It looks so pretty!
I had so much fun picking that pattern for you!

Annemarie said...

Lovely finishes, Vonna! Sometimes I wish I had decided to finish all the squares individually. I'm making a friendship quilt, but it will be a good while before I can actually start using the squares!

Barbara said...

Ah...lovely, lovely! Your finishes are awesome Vonna!

Mindi said...

Gorgeous finishing Vonna, it shows off the squares very nicely.