Monday, September 17, 2007

Thank you my dear friend, Lizzy!

I got this squares from Lizzy today! Thank you so much, my dear friend! They are so beautiful and perfectly stitched! I just can´t decide how to finish, I think I´ll make a scissorsfob of them. Lizzy sent also a Little House Needleworks-kit, I have pics on my blog

I have known Lizzy about a half year now and she is such a wonderful friend so it was really nice to have her as my partner in this exchange. I´m really worried though and I have started to stitch a new set for Lizzy because the ones I sent her have been on their way for three weeks now and she hasn´t received them yet. Have patience, dear Lizzy, I hope I get the second set ready this week, so that I can send it for you.


Terry said...

That is very cute!! Well done!

Vonna said...

What super squares :) I love them...!!!!

staci said...

Wonderful squares!!! Very pretty!