Friday, October 5, 2007

I received my squares from Cheryl today :)

Lookie what Cheryl did for me! I love PS and this is perfect! She's way ahead of me! I need to catch up! Thank you!



Cheryl said...

For a minute there i thought you had a new cat and then i realised it was the card i sent you LOL
Glad you liked them :) Wanted to get them to you quickly to avoid the postal strikes...that was quick, only sent them on Monday

Vonna said...

They are gorgeous :) Love them!!!

monique said...

Ha! Thought that was a real kitty at first LOL Nice squares!

Marie-P said...

Was going to post:
"love the square and love you cat"
as I too thought that cat was real, it is not? :-)
Lucky you, a wonderful PS design!

DaisyGirl said...

It's a card Cheryl sent along! Isn't it great!

staci said...

Wonderful squares! Really lovely :)