Thursday, October 18, 2007


Fellow Stitchers,
Since we've gotten a few rounds under our belts now, I see that we can modify a couple of the rules. Remember this was a "learning" experience and I didn't know exactly how this would take here's what I changed...
The fabric size can be 6 x 6 I believe that will allot enough space for finishing into smalls, quilts, whatever...I noticed I was throwing away a lot of good linen, so if you want the squares can now become 6 x 6. Of course you can send any size larger than 6 x 6, but the minimum size shall be this.

And if the pattern you're wanting to stitch is larger than 50 x 50 ask your partner if that would be ok. If they aren't making something that is size dependent, then a slightly larger square is fine. I know I've been breaking the rules on this so I thought I'd just make it "legal" that we can go over 50 x 50 if its ok with the partner your assigned too.

Alrighty then...we've got ourselves a highly popular exchange blog going here! Keep up the good work ladies :)

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monique said...

Great idea, Vonna :) Thanks!