Monday, October 15, 2007

Sensing Victorian Squares Send Off!!

Kathy Roberts is probably starting to sense some stitching winds coming her way as a midnight mail plane winds its way through clusters of silvery, moonlit clouds headed towards South Australia. Her Fair & Square pieces are headed for her!!
I had the good fortune of having Kathy as my partner this turn. She is such a genuine and kind-hearted stitching friend. I just wish we lived closer because I think we'd be stitching together alot!

Kathy likes delicate and Victorian stitchey things. She doesn't care for the garrish colors or designs, and she's a gentle spirit, herself, if there ever was one. I say these things because I want her next partner to take special care of her for me. Kathy is a true heart.

She does have one misconception, however. I'm no maven of stitching or sewing, as she says. It's simply that if after being a stitching woman for over 30 years, I haven't learned something, I should be drawn, quartered and stitched back together by amatuers!!!

I'm going to take some time off from F&S this next few months, and will be coming back in Jan. or Feb., if the Headmistresses will allow it. I want to take the opportunity to wish each one of you, my stitching very fair friends a happy holiday season and lots of fun stitching through it! I'll be checking in and commenting! Hugs, Deb in FL -- Lavender Rose


Vonna said...

I have no problem with you coming back in the future Deb. Thanks for participating in all the rounds you've done so far.

Annemarie said...

You're allowed, Deb! We'll welcome you back with open arms :o)