Monday, October 1, 2007

Vicki, yooo hoo, Vicki

I have a question for you. I did a floss toss for your squares and I'm wondering what you think. There are two sets of greens and 3 sets of purple-ishes. The only difference between the two pics is I moved the greens so you could see them next to each of the purples. Is there a pairing of a purple set and a green set which you like best? Or do you not fancy purple and green much at all? It's fine if you don't because there's a whole rainbow out there for me to work with.
floss toss 1
floss toss 2

Thanks for the help! And, no more clues for you... just the floss toss. I just don't want you to open your pack and say "Hey that'd be really great if it were in _________ and __________."


Vicki said...

Ruth - I love purples and greens. Either is fine with me. Surprise me. I will love it however you do it.

Ruth said...

Ok, I might just have a plan :)