Monday, November 12, 2007

Addresses Sent and a 'lil Business

Two posts down, I've assigned partners for this round. Please peruse the list to see whom your partner is. Remember to check the Member Profile for more information about your partner...maybe she has a blog, maybe she has a website...want *more* information? Well e-mail your partner...get to know her! This IS a "friendship squares exchange" so become friends! Thats why I give you all the information!

SENDING/RECEIVING Squares: I know this is old hat, but I want to again say....PLEASE post to the board and e-mail your partner about whether you have sent and received your squares.

TRACKING Sent/Rec'd Squares: I will again be adding sent/rec'd status on the sidebar. I tried it this round not keeping it on the sidebar and we've had some problems crop it's coming back. Your name will not be marked off until you have SENT and have RECEIVED your squares. This makes it easier for everyone and keeps everyone accountable.

FINALLY: all Round #4 participants HAVE been e-mailed with their partner's information. If you have not received this informational e-mail...please contact Vonna and I will send your info again.

This is our biggest exchange yet! Thanks for all you lovely exchangers out there! We're quite a popular group apparently! :) Have a great week!

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