Monday, November 26, 2007


Alright members, we've had SEVERAL people not follow through with their squares this time around, I'm not talking about just mailing late or something like that...I'm talking not stitching, not mailing period! Let me remind everyone that the rules *plainly* read that all squares can be stitched and mailed within the six week time frame and there are two weeks of "clean up". Here we are starting a new Round...and I'm still tracking down squares that were supposed to have been sent a month ago...or close to it.

I stopped doing the send/rec'd list in the sidebar (like I had done the previous rounds) because I had 10 or so e-mails from people who thought that it was obtrusive and was embarrassed if their name wasn't crossed off the list because they HAD sent (but had NOT received). Well let me tell you...when I kept that list and tracked it in the sidebar....I didn't have the issues I'm having this round with people not sending their squares, or not posting to the board when they sent their squares, or not posting to the board when they received their squares!

This round we're going back to the old way - I'm tracking it in the sidebar. Things that had better change this round is:
  1. Members should post to the board when they SEND their squares.
  2. Members should post to the board when they RECEIVE their squares.
  3. Members should mail "on time" or just a few days late, (no other board that I belong too and I belong to many), allows blatant disregard for mail dates, and if they are going to be late we have to e-mail both the moderators and the partners to let them know of our lateness.
  4. I would HIGHLY recommend that you set up a reader/alert monitor (may I recommend either google reader or bloglines) to track updates to this board so that you can remain informed.
  5. please use the labels under the posts by using your name; partners name; round when posting about sending and receiving.

Sorry that I once again have to get my tail feathers in a wad, but please, look at it from my stand point - I put a lot of time into this board (which I enjoy and love to do) 95% of the time everyone is on the up and up. There is just that 5% time that things go awry. I've been getting e-mails off and on now for 2 weeks about partners not getting their squares. So this is not an unsolicited rant...please give myself and each other consideration. I try to do that with you when I sign you up to the board.

Thank you!


Terry said...

Understand completely your feelings on this, you work very hard on this!! I think going back to the old way is an excellent idea!

Teresa said...

I'm just a newbie,but having set up round robins before I know how much work goes into all of this! That just stinks when a few people don't even send a note. Life happens, during one exchange a few years ago we had 2 close family deaths over 3 months so I ended up sending a gift card for my pals fave shop, but at least send a note or something!!


monique said...

I think it's a fine idea to post our status in the sidebar... and anyone who is *really* participating shouldn't find it embarrassing at all. Our names are all over everything else anyway LOL

Sorry this round has been such a bummer for you!

Michele said...

(((((((((vonna)))))))))))) hang in their gf :)

Cathy B said...

Hang in there Vonna - I think its a good idea to post the updates on the sidebar. Its a good reminder for us to make sure we're posting when sending and receiving.

Thanks for all of the work you put into this exchange! It's one of my favorites!