Monday, November 5, 2007

Blocks from Margaret W.

These are my beautiful blocks from Margaret Wong in Kuala Lumpur! It is a combination of LHN patterns, She also sent me some beautiful Overdyed threads from a local lady in my favourite colour, I feel so lucky! She is a wonderfully neat stitcher.
Margaret, if you are reading this post please excuse the unpressed blocks i mailed you. I completed and posted my squares whilst on holidays and i did not trust the rusty old iron at the place we were staying and i wanted to mail by the deadline. I am so sorry but i am sure that you will be able to press them out with a more trust worthy iron although i am very sorry, especially seeing the beautiful way yours arrived. Please forgive me!!
Sign me up for round 4 please Vonna!
From Nicky R


Annemarie said...

What a perfect choice for a square! Lovely stitching. I'm sure Margaret won't mind ironing your blocks for you :o)

staci said...

Love those squares, they're gorgeous!

Mary Kathryn said...



Vonna said...

Oh, my....I want those!

Margaret wong said...

Glad you like the Squares, Nicky! No worries about your Squares, I will press them when I receive them :D :D :D Enjoy your hols!