Thursday, November 8, 2007

Marg-Here is a Preview

of the squares that were sent to you 3 weeks ago. I hope they get to you very, very soon!! Vicki and I fought over who got which pattern, LOL...If they aren't to you by the time we start the next round, I will restitch them for you and send them again. Keep your fingers crossed.


nicky said...

Fingers crossed! I hope they arrive, they look lovely!

Vonna said...

I do hope they arrive :)
They are very sweet...and what I made Donna last round!

Anonymous said...

Terry - the squares looks so beautiful and I too have my fingers crossed that they turn up. Thank you very much for your kind offer to re-stitch. I will be in touch the minute they arrive.


Marg said...

Hi Terry, At long last my squares have arrived and they are even more beautiful in real life. I am sooo glad I wasn't on the plane with that post bag if it took from 17th October until 19th November to travel from your home in U.S.A. to mine in Australia. Thank you again - it was certainly worth the long wait.
Kind regards Marg

Terry said...

I am so relieved. See told you I shipped them, LOL. I had about decided they were swimming there!!! Glad you liked them..