Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Would you please send your address and e-mail to Heidi....apparently after multiple attempts over the past month, she's not getting e-mails from me. So I have no way of contacting her and short of posting your address here on the board - which we don't want to do that! Thank you!

I sent you mulitple copies of all the e-mails I sent you this month. If you don't get it today. Let me know again.


Heidi said...

Annemarie kindly sent it to me in a file but my computer does not recognize it, I emailed her back asking if she could just insert Peg's address into the email. I don't know why I am not receiving your emails Vonna.

Heidi said...

I got her address so I'll be mailing out Peg's squares ASAP. My little one has had a fever for several days so she hasn't been feeling well enough to make a trip with me. This weekend is a four day so I believe our post office closes with it, so at the latest it will go into the post on Tuesday here which is still Monday in the states. :)