Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Round #3 from Ulla received

I received my squares from Ulla in the mail yesterday! Thank you so much, Ulla, I love the design that you stitched for me, especially the Santa in his sleigh!

And here is a picture of the squares I sent to Ulla:

Sorry I had to back out for the next round of the exchange, too many Christmas commitments coming up, but please sign me up for Round #5, Vonna.

Meanwhile I'll look forwards to seeing all the wonderful pictures of everyone's squares!!


Vonna said...

THEY are gorgeous squares both sets :)
Ulla what is the pattern?
I've got you signed up Wendy!

staci said...

Gorgeous squares!!! Looks like you had a great exchange!!!

Neila said...

I love the Santa in his sleigh! I'm usually not a huge fan of Santa charts, but that one is way too cute.

Ulla said...

Dear all

My block for Wendy is from Book no 25 from Praire schooler .Up on the housetop.

Have a great time