Sunday, November 11, 2007


Thank you for signing up to be a member of the fair and square friendship squares exchange!
This is our largest exchange yet! :)
Here's the partners for this round....pulled fresh from the hat:

Chantal - Sonda
Becky K. - Vonna
Darla - Cathy B.
Diana J. - Sharon B.
Denise P. - Donna B.
Laura M. - Carol S.
Laura K. - Ruth
Margaret G. - Georgie
Kathy R. - Sue W.
Tracy J. - Wanda B.
Chris B. - Lin
Heidi - Vicki
Stephaine - Annemarie
Willeke - Joan S.
Mindi - Louise
Pokua - Kim S.
Danica M - MaryKathryn
Stacey L. - Teresa S.
Dani - Lizzy
Paula D. - Paula C. (isn't this one funny?! - pure chance it was! LOL!)
Neila - Terry
Peg - Nancy K.
Marg - Sandra B.
Karen D. - Pam E.
Staci - Nicky R.
Michele W. - Malinda B.
Karen K. - Tuula
Vonna - AmySC
Hannah - Marie P.
Mercy - Christina L.
Jill F. - Terry

***I will e-mail addresses and partner e-mails to you by Tuesday evening*** I will post to the board when this complete so that if you DO NOT receive your partner's address you can e-mail me to let me know!

Thanks again for participating!


staci said...

Thanks Vonna! This should be another fun round!!!

Terry said...

Thank you for taking such good care of us Vonna.!!!! Looks like lots of FUN!!