Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jen Regan. I am so excited about joining this group. I have been a stitcher for about 20 years. About 8 years ago though, I lost interest. I had not stitched in so long and had started scrapbooking as my creative outlet. Two years ago, I decided it was time to clear out some old crafting supplies and started sorting through my cross stitch patterns and fabric. There were a few I wanted to stitch and since I was now making more money and felt I could splurge on the "perfect" fabric I started stitching again, just to get rid of some things. Of course, I caught the stitching bug and have been stitching like a crazy woman for two years. I love the changes in the industry and love the variety of fabrics and fibers. So, needless to say, my stash that I was trying to reduce two years ago has now doubled or even tripled. Oh, well, at least I am happy.


Marie-P said...

Welcome Jen! Wow, I have heard that story from a number of other stitchers. I too left the world of cross stitch, became and avid quilter but returned to cross stitch in '06. I too am very much hook and very happy!
Look forward to exchanging with you.

Vonna said...

You are so right the stitching industry (although they say it is a dying craft) has gone full circle! I believe in my humble opinion, that the internet has let it make a "rebound" but no matter, I'm glad your here Jen and I look forward to trading with you!