Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hi there!

My name is Daniela and I live in a small village in the Czech republic. I work as a translator of comupter programs, but I am thinking about translating some book, it must be more fun :-) I live with my boyfriend, well do we have in our age "boy"friends, actually :-) We have no children, not yet. Eerh, I am 33 years old, love to stitch, to read books, to cook, to go for a walk or a hike. I re-started to stich again after many many years this spring, so there are just a few things I have made, since then. Two of them were for a breast cancer charity. I am curious about my future exchange partner here and am looking forward to stitch something nice for her/him.


Vonna said...

Warm Welcome Daniela :)

Marie-P said...

Hi Daniela,
you habe joined an amazing group of wonderful stitchers. I look forward to exchanging with you. :)