Friday, January 11, 2008

Completely finished squares???

Well, I am really excited about starting my first round here;-)) After looking around, I found just 4 or 5 finished pieces, well, I can´t believe you are all collecting squares without finishing them??? I personally would love to see what happens with my wouldn´t it be great to show??

Gaby/ Germany


Terry said...

I am collecting my squares to make a book, so at this point I am not doing anything with them, until I am ready to start making the book :)

Teresa said...

This is my first round, so haven't decided what will become of them just yet. Question though: I used to know a Gaby from Germany thru a freebie or maybe a lizzie kate email group. Any chance that was you?

Einschie said...

Hi Teresa,

I am not sure....I was in several groups during my earlier online phase, but not actual...I am just doing exchanges in two other yahoo groups...but there are not so many Gabys in Germany I guess, most of them are Gabis with i *smile*

Heidi said...


I am collecting them to make a quilt out of so at this point I am not doing anything with them yet. :)