Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hannah's fabulous squares are here!

I received my F & S squares from Hannah and they are truly fabulous! She used a winter wonderland design from Bent Creek ~ I absolutely love it. She also included some great extras, including two Workbasket patterns that I am SO anxious to stitch! Thanks so very much Hannah. Because I am still in VT I am unable to post pictures, but promise to do so when I arrive home early next week.

Many, many thanks Hannah! :)

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Hannah said...

... And I forgot to include a card. Doh! I am getting very good at forgetting cards. I am glad you like the squares. I would post pictures, but I had a camera mishap. I deleted them before they made it to the computer! Geez. My life is full of craziness lately.

I hope you like the tissue holder. I know I always give away all of the things I make, so I thought maybe you hadn't made one for yourself :)