Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help me help myself....

I think everyone has had time to peruse their information and make sure they've gotten it and all is well.....I have a couple of things I need your help with.

I'm human and I make mistakes, I had 38 e-mails in my in box this a.m. upon my awaking....which that's great, they were all things that I needed to change and modify, as I had typos in addresses, etc. So PLEASE check your partner information and make sure YOUR address and e-mail is correct, mailing to 66 people is a chore and keeping track of 97 people's addresses and e-mails is a part-time job.

Also apparently I didn't add a few people to Round #5 and they wanted to join. I've taken care of them also, and all are participating now, but there again PLEASE when I post to this board and say "check the list to make sure your name is there if you want it there or not there if you don't want it there", please do check....again, I miss things, I'm human and many times, if someone posts to the board about sign me up...if you check the comment and I haven't posted Done or did it or check it or need to make sure your name is on the list and if it is not in a day or two let me know again!

Finally, we have A LOT of people with the same (or derivatives of) the first name. We have duplicate Melissa's, Mel's, Malinda's, Laura's, Dani's, Danica's, Danielle's, Margaret's, Chris's, I can go on, but you get the hint. I've tried to post everyone with their ending Initial or "handle" for instance, Amy W. goes by AmySC, that's what she always signs her posts with, etc. So, when someone signs their post Jane - I don't know which "Jane" is posting and I try to go through and figure it out, but I think that I'm getting people mixed up. The handful of people that I didn't get signed up correctly was that I signed someone else up because they had the same first name. So can everyone please start posting as Jane D. if your name is Jane Doe. This would help me out a lot in knowing whom I'm addressing. I want us all to have fun with this or I wouldn't do it any longer, so let's all use the golden rule, "do unto others as you would have done to you". I feel that I've been more than generous and gracious with everyone, please give me a break.



Mel said...

Boy you've got a big job to do when it comes the new rounds! My info is correct. - Thanks - Malinda B.

Margaret said...

Good morning Von,
You are not only generous and gracious - you are a real sweetheart. Thank you so much for everything you do for us.
All my information for Round 5 is correct.
Georgie has posted that Round 4 is on its way to me. I will post here as soon as it arrives.
hugs, Margaret G

Terry said...


HUGS, HUGS, HUGS...You do so much work on this and are very generous to all of us!!! Mistakes happen and I am certainly the queen of making them, so THANKS FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING. I wouldn't want your job, LOL..

Jill said...

All my information is correct. Thanks for all your work.

Shelley said...

Hi, Vonna,

My info is correct.

I can imagine that it's a lot of time and effort to keep this group running. Thanks for your hard work.

In addition, if there is anything I can do to help on the administrative end, please let me know. I do have a few hours a week I could donate to doing whatever needs to be done.

Shelley (I think I'm the only one) P.

Melissa said...


Thanks for all your hard work on this!! My information is correct. If it will make it easier for you, I can sign things as "Melissa/SoCalStitcher".

Ruth said...

Vonna, did we mention that WE LOVE YOU?

Huge thank yous for all you do,
Ruth B.

Dani said...


Thanks for all that you do! I didn't think there were any other Danica's but I could be wrong. I know more than one goes by Dani (which I'm sure is confusing when I post since my blogger name is dani) but I will try and continue to tag and sign with my last initial.

Danica M

Marie-P said...

If there is anything that I can do ie:send out emails, keep track of partner info, etc. just let me know. I do not know how you do all of this on your own, you are amazing. Let me know if I can lessen the burden okay?