Monday, January 28, 2008

It did arrive - a little late letting people know!

My fair and square did arrive and I have been a little bit of a slack bum in not posting that it did! I'm preparing for a trip overseas (3 days to go!) and have been far too busy and stressed with work.

Teresa - I thought the squares you sent me were lovely and sweet and will email you when I get a chance!

It was such a pleasure being involved in this exchange, and will definitely sign up for another later in the year, when my worklife has slowed down!


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Teresa said...

Green with envy that you get to go overseas! Where to?? Glad to hear that it's "just" work and such keeping you busy. Glad you liked the squares, too. It was fun stitching them! I'm going to collect cow squares and turn them into a wall quilt for my purple cow office. Yours is just darling!