Tuesday, January 15, 2008

LOVE my new Fair and Square Partner

Hello all,

I just needed to post about my Round 5 partner.

My daughter decided to join the Fair and Square Exchange
after she heard about it from me when I had joined the last
round. So out of 64 people what do you think the chance would
be that we would end up partners? Well it happened!!!! I couldn't
believe it. Especially after my friend Jill, another exchanger had
just said how funny it would be if we would get picked to be partners.

So after talking to my daughter, we have decided that we are going
to keep our partners.

Just thought I should share this story with all of you.

Have fun with your new partners.

And Vonna please sign me up for round 6. Thanks for all your
hard work on this exchange, it has been fun for me.



Amy said...

LOL Joan, that's really funny, but also really sweet! ENJOY your F&S exchange! ;-)

Jill said...

Oh boy! Sorry if I jinx'd you guys. This is just so funny! Mega LOL's! You won't have to do any research on each other! :)

Vonna said...

I thought she was your daughter, but I didn't (and couldn't) remember for sure...sorry...that's the luck of the draw :) My daughter has a hoot drawing the names while I write them down...so blame her :) LOL!

I've signed you up for round 6!

Melissa G said...

I'm excited...I even know I can make my square a little bigger, and I know EXACTLY what I am going to stitch already!!! ;) I think it's going to be FUN!

Cathy B said...

Oh my gosh - that is too funny!

Ruth said...

Ahh, Fate apparently has plans for the two of you. Now you just have to keep secret what you're stitching for each other! :)