Monday, January 7, 2008

Two Week Clean up...

Alrighty ladies we've met the mailing deadline...we are now in our two week clean-up period, please ensure that those of you who have NOT mailed get your squares mailed, contact your partners if you are not mailing on time. If after the 2 week clean up period you still have not received your squares contact Vonna.

Please ensure that you post to the board when you receive and when you post your squares. Please check the list under Round #4 - if your name isn't completely marked off, not marked for sending or receiving then let me know! 9 days time Round #5 will be closed, so if you want to participate, have friends that want to participate, then get signed up for the blog and the round!
We're up to like 57 people, that's only 3 away from our previous record!

Thanks for everyone's hard work in getting such lovely squares stitched...they are all gorgeous! I appreciate everyone's attention to time lines as well!

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