Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mail Deadline and Closings...

Friendly reminder that the mailing deadline for Round #5 is Friday, February 29. If you aren't going to mail on time, let me and your partner know, please.

The Earth Day Holiday Round will close tomorrow a.m. as soon as I turn on my computer...and check my e-mail it will be closed. I'll get partner information out to you all by the end of the day tomorrow.

Two weeks remain to sign up for Round #6...if you're wanting in make sure your name appears on the list. Please check to make sure your name is on the list - even if you've told me, I miss things and am human so mistakes can be made!!!!


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Paula said...

Hi Vonna,
I guess you must have missed my post requesting to sign me up for this. Please sign me up for rounds 6 & 7, and the 4th of July exchange. Thanks! Paula