Monday, February 11, 2008

ROUND 5 maildate fast approaching....

Hello Fair and Square Round #5 Participants!
We've just got 18 days until mailing time. Please remember to get your squares in the mail by Feb. 29, 2008! If you are going to be late, then you have 2 weeks during the clean-up period to get them off....let's make every effort to get them mailed off by mail time!

I've been a bit lack-a-daisial on keeping track of things the past couple of weeks, but I believe I've gotten myself all caught up today. SO, please check the Round #6 list if you want your name on it. And check the Round #5 listings to make sure if you've mailed/received, that your marked as such.

REMEMBER: Sign Ups for Round #6 are underway!!! either post to the board or dash me an e-mail for signing up. If you have friends that want to join in, please let them know our next round is fast approaching!

NOW then, I'm going to set up a poll...I've been tossing the idea around for a bit, and I think it may be something that other's are interested in. I like Holidays...all of them, now I'm MOST familiar with the ones American's celebrate, since I'm American, BUT here's my idea, what about having separate exchanges from the regular rounds that are called "Easter Round" or "St. Patty's Round" or "Sinterklaas Round", etc. Those people interested in exchanging during that round would stitch squares (main square and signature square) just as we do now - under the same arrive a month prior to the holiday we're having a round for...what do you think? CAST your votes in the poll located in the sidebar - this is limited to MEMBERS ONLY!

Thank you!

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