Friday, February 29, 2008

Squares from Marg to Stephanie - Round 5

Wow. I just got treated to an amazing exchange from Marg down in Australia! First, she stitched me this really great design (I love spring - probably because I was born in spring - it makes you a bit biased!) by Calico Crossroads using a really lovely overdyed thread.

And, just check out all the wonderful goodies she sent me! A great chart by Cat's Whiskers, some Australian thread, a handmade (by Marg no less!) beaded bookmark, and a nifty tool for counting stitches when moving around linen - which will come in so so handy as my DH has a bad habit of asking me questions when I am trying to count! :)

Thanks so much Marg - I've really enjoyed getting to know you!




Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Lovely things to be sure.

Vonna said...

Totally awesome!

Lin said...

I love the colors in the stitched design! Enjoy to goodies, too!