Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Check your Status

Hello Ladies,

I'm trying to wade though posts and thing and make sure everyone's "status" is correct. Please let me know if you've sent/rec'd and I've not marked you appropriately on Round #5...thanks, it helps me a lot!

ALSO please note we have several stitchers that have not SENT! If you've e-mailed me to let me know, "thank you!" For all the other non-mailers, let me and your partner know what is going on and when you expect to mail. Remember...if you do not follow through you will be deleted as a member.




Melissa G said...


I have sent, received & posted, and there is nothing next to my name. My mother (Joan S) has done the same & just needs to be updated.

Melissa G

Vonna said...

I was updating you both just as my e-mail binged with your comment. you both are updated. Thank you for participating.