Friday, March 14, 2008


EDITED: All people SHOULD have their partner information...I've e-mailed everyone participating in Round #6.

SONDA: I can't get your e-mail to go through? It says you don't have a valid yahoo account? Maybe I've got it wrong...could you send me an e-mail so I can get your partner info to you?

Thanks everyone...Vonna

Partners for Round #6 are as follows.
Just a few quick reminders...
BOTH pieces of fabric should be at least 6 inches square (more fine - less no!). Neutral linen/evenweave in 32 ct. ONLY. E-mail your partners and mail ON TIME!
I'll update this post when all e-mails have been sent with partner information.
Thank you for participating ladies!! : ) Vonna

Annette W. - Marie P.
Melissa C. - Stephanie (Munners)
Nicky R - Joan S
Heidi - Laura M
Suzanne St. - Julianne P
Laurie W - Neila
Kathy A - Clare
Christine R - Pokua
LisaCT - Kathy R
Kim S - Joanne L
Melissa G - Wanda
Danica M - Laura K
Sabine R - Jayne
Sonda - Mel (Malinda B)
Ruth - Mairi G.
Liz S - Nadia
Paula C - Monique
Terry P - Nicola L
Vicki P - Mary Kathryn
Marg F - Dani B
Margaret S - Tracy J
Gaby M - Amy SC
Sue W - Deb (LR)
SaraNC - Karen D
Sharon B - Cathy B
Sandra B - Vonna
Tuula H - Jill F
Christina L - Rima A
Darla L - Peg
Anna E - Mercy
Daniela - Staci


K in NY said...

Feel better Vonna! Take care of yourself, we can wait.

Amy said...

Get well soon Vonna, emails can wait! Take care & hugs to you!

Marie-P said...

Thanks Vonna!
Sorry to hear that you are under the weather...GET WILL SOON my friend!

Sonda in OR said...

I've sent you an email, Vonna. It should get to me, but if not, leave a comment on my blog. Somehow we'll get it done!! :) Feel better soon!

Heidi said...

Vonna, I have checked both my emails and no partner info, can you resend to me please?