Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hello Ladies!

Quick reminder that the:
4th of July Holiday Round will be closing TOMORROW - APRIL 18 - as soon as my computer is turned on in the a.m.!
So if anyone of you want to get in on the action, please see the sidebar for the information regarding this special Holiday Round.

**Please CHECK to make sure your name is ON THE LIST if you want to participate - remember, I'm human and make mistakes.

QUICK NOTE: All questions are great, and I'd really rather you ask a question than make up your own rules, but let me reiterate, that when you signed up for this blog that all of you were asked to READ the rules and were sent a WELCOME letter that had RULES in it. I'm getting a lot of questions that would have been answered if the rules would have been read. I didn't write them for my health, they are there for a reason, and I don't think that it is too much to ask when you are asking to join and participate in an exchange to read the rules that have been set by the board moderator(s). Thank you all for your attention in this matter. And remember all questions are welcome, but check the rules first and if you don't have a clear cut answer or don't understand then please do ask!

LABELING: Please remember to label your posts when it concerns the receipt or sending of squares with your name (remember last initial for common names!), your partners name (remember last initial - remember last initial for common names!) and round number. This helps me A LOT in marking everyone off on the list. And if you haven't looked lately we are up to 131 people, most of you I have memorized (especially those that are long time members or have participated in 3 or more rounds) some of you I don't, so initials are very helpful - think about keeping track of 131 people, not an easy task :)

LIST: I'm doing the send and receiving list differently - see after 6 rounds you can find out there are better ways to do it!.......if (after the round starts) your name is not on the list...that means that you have sent and you have received so in essence your round is complete - i.e. your name is off the list. Cool?!

Thank you Ladies for your attention to these matters. We are a very sought after board with high quality exchanges....thank YOU for being a part of it!

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Barbara said...

PLEASE include me in the 4th of July round! Please, pretty please!