Monday, April 21, 2008

Also new

Hi, all! I'm new here and new to blogging. I'm Diane. I am 46 and have a beautiful 19 year old daughter, as well as a 10 year old son who has recently expressed an interest in learning to stitch (!). I also have a husband but I am currently trying to remedy that situation. We have three cats, two dogs, and a lizard. I sell insurance, but please don't hold that against me - it helps support the cross stitch addiction! ;oP

I learned to do needlepoint from my mother and grandmother as a child, and took up cross stitch as a teenager. I took a very long break (10 years or so) after my best friend and stitchy buddy passed away. I started picking up those little Stitch and Hang Christmas ornament kits a few Christmases ago, then
Subversive Cross Stitch two summers ago, and the addiction gradually started coming back. When I stumbled upon the blogging community, I was completely done for! :o)

My blog is
Ladybug and Bear .

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Vonna said...

Warm Welcomes, Diane : )