Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I've cleaned up the sidebar a bit to help people figure out how to navigate around...apparently it wasn't clear enough. Sorry, it's a process.

Next question: Is there anyone out there still waiting on Round #5 squares? If so would you give me a holler at my home e-mail address, please?

Last: I'm going to be REALLY busy the next two weeks, so I'm letting the board slide a bit - you're all doing a great job and all the squares given and received are just lovely! I'm so proud of you all...please know that I'm checking in and trying to keep up with stuff as I get the chance, but we're in the last two months of school and that's always a hectic time, add 4 of my own children into the mix along with after school activities, starting a new job, 30 people coming to your house for a family celebration and that is CHAOS! So I'm doing my best and I'll get everything straightened out when I can.

We've had a hasher of newbies joining us or in the process of joining us. Welcome!

And finally: another reminder...if you have a common name and there are many of you that do...please, please, PLEASE use your last initial so that I know who's talking to me....I'm having a terrible time figuring out who's who we have over 120 members now and if you notice we're running 60+ people each round...so this is no small task I'm doing here and just little attention to details is great :)

Thanks and have a great couple of weeks,

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