Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Earth Day Squares from Gaby

Here is what was waiting for me when I arrived home
from work:

I received a very nice package from Gaby. I was so excited!!!
Not only did she stitch these wonderful squares, she also sent
a card she had made with a nice note in it and she made a beaded
fob, thread holder, small biscornu and stuffed hearts that she
made. Plus some beads and charms, a flag button, butterfly
candles(they had rough travels) and a great piece of fabric and
a nice overdyed skein of floss, and a stitching magazine--I think
it's french. Oh and 4 chocolate ladybugs.

Thank you so much Gaby. You have made me quite happy.


Vonna said...

Oh my ...those are gorgeous!

Einschies blog said...

Uhh the candles didn´t make it in one piece*sigh*...I haven´t thought about that,I will do it better next time;-))

I am happy you like your gifts;-))It was a great exchange for me as you are a wonderful generous person;-))


Ruth said...

Wow-- That is a wonderful square! Congratulations to you both.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful Surprize for you.
Beautiful work