Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Earth Day Squares Received

Sharon B, I received my squares! And you couldn't have picked a better pattern! I love it! The design is Blackbird Design's Savoir faire. I didn't even know Blackbird Designs until about a year ago and I love them! Sharon was generous enough to send me the actual pattern that she stitched the squares from and some beautiful ribbon to finish it. And honestly, Sharon, the little note card thrilled me! I just recently finished my bedroom in the that shade of blue & white! I also received a cute little kit from Australia and a postcard of a laughing kookaburra. Being that I'm in love with Australia, and never been there, it was great to get a little piece of Sharon's country! Thank you, Sharon, for everything! I am so thrilled with everything! And coming home to a little surprise is exciting! Coming home to a surprise is so exciting! I defnitley will be part of more rounds!

Suzanne St.

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Daffycat said...

Super nice squares!