Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Delighted with my Squares!

I had a mystery package drop through my door yesterday, and boy was I ever delighted with its contents! Look at these simply stunning squares that Annemarie stitched for me:

They are a design by Christiane Dahlbeck and Annemarie couldn’t have chosen better – I absolutely LOVE them – I can’t wait to finish them into a special…well, I haven’t quite decided what yet, but definitely something special! She also included a bag of yummy loose tea and a sweet postcard – I’m going to have to ask her about the fairytale of the root children as that’s not one I’m familiar with. Thanks again Annemarie, I truly am delighted!



Vonna said...

Oh My...those are gorgeous! An does such lovely work ;)

Einschies blog said...

I like it to see a German design on this blog;-)))

By the way, would you all love to get squares with German designs??? We have not much designers worth mentioning, but a handful;-)) And they make completely different designs;-))

Gaby from Germany

Amy said...

Those are LOVELY!! I'd love to get more of Christiane Dahlbeck's designs... esp. ones with flowers! Congrats to you both on a lovely exchange piece!!!! :-)