Thursday, April 3, 2008

Melissa, :)

Thank you so much Melissa C. :) I got my fair and squares today, and will take pix tomorrow.... I have to buy a new cord for my camera.... lost in the move apparently...
BUT it is gorgeous, and the goodies all match so well!!! Thank you so much !!!!
For all those who are curious, I got a cute little spring Bunny with gorgeous yellow and white flowers surrounding, and a beautiful name plate to match .... :) I also got pens, cards to send out, yellowish gold pins to make a pin keep :) which is probably what I will do since I also got some great green fabric to match and beautiful green ribbon :)
so spoiled! I hope you like what you recieve as well, Melissa (C)
you let me know!
Pix coming soon!
Laura M!!!

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