Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Posting to this board...

Hello Fair and Square Members...

I have a couple of "reminders" that I would like to share with I'm not trying to be harrassing - and a BIG thank you to all of you that actually do this, but I still have some members that do not do this and it is making my life difficult. If you belong to ANY other board (or at least one that is ran well!) you are asked to do simple things to help the moderators.

For instance:
POSTING to the board when you mail your exchange
POSTING to the board when you receive your exchange
POSTING a picture to the board of your received exchange

I do not believe this is too much to ask...if it is, then perhaps you need to find another exchange. I understand that some of you e-mail each other...and that is great, super, wonderful - please continue to do that. Some of you e-mail me - which is super too and if I'm not in the middle of a catastrophe (which seems to be happening at an alarming rate at my house of late) then I go directly to the board and do whatever you told me to do in the e-mail. The only thing I ask is that you do the above 3 things when you mail and receive exchanges on this board. And again I reiterate a large percentage is doing that. But also there is a pretty hefty number of you that continue to not do anything regarding this issue and in some instances just by-pass anything that I've set up in the rules. That is not fair to me....and believe me a large number of minutes and in some cases around Round time hours are put into this board. I do things every day for members of this board - whether it is signing up, tracking squares, taking people out of rounds if needed, putting them back in if needed, changing profiles, etc. etc. And I'm really not complaining about that - because this is a wonderful board with many, many, talented ladies. But this issue of tracking squares is really hard....especially when we have 60+ people exchanging every round.

Look at it this way your posting to this a record of what you did as a member and partner on this exchange. I like receipts myself...always good to have receipts...think of it as a receipt.

Thank YOU all for your attention to this matter....and if you would care to read the directions, which I ask you to do upon membership to this board....they STATE this very thing in them clearly. And you can go to the "labels" list in the sidebar and click on "business" to refresh yourself on a lot of common issues. This same issue is in there at least 3 or 4 times.

Questions, concerns??
Let me e-mail is all over this blog.

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