Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Round 5 squares from Sharon B.(edited to include link)

I received my wonderful squares from Sharon. She stitched a bee design by the Drawn Thread and I love how she did her personalized square with the beehive. She also included a kit with a new to me technique and I look forward to stitching it.
Below you will find the squares I stitched for Sharon.

The design I used is a free graph from A Mon Ami Pierre. You can find it here. If you delete everything after the last / in the link, you will find more free graphs. It's a wonderful design to stitch.

Thanks heaps Sharon for your lovely package.


Vonna said...

Annemiek...I LOVE your squares that you stitched for Sharon! What is the pattern please? I'd love to stitch that one too for a special friend ;)

Marie-P said...

I am with Vonna on this one: the block that you stitched for Sharon is gorgeous. I too would like to know the designer/design (?).
Sharon's bee block is beautiful as well!