Thursday, April 10, 2008


I went ahead and planned out the remainder of the year into the year 2009 for the "regular" Rounds and "holiday" take a gander at the sidebar to see what's going to be offered. Dates that the rounds will be "open for signing up" is clearly marked. Just wanted you all to know what was going to happen the rest of the year here so that you can make room in your calendar for the things you want to take part in.

Have a great day and weekend!


Paula C. said...

Vonna - nice work on the blog! Please sign me up for round 8. Thanks!

Vonna said...

Done Paula C.

saras said...

I'm not sure how to find emails on here! :) Could you email me Vonna? Just a newbie question!

Suzie said...

Wow, Vonna! You've been so busy and still managed to get the schedule planned out for the rest of the year! So happy you're doing all this hard work! Thank you!

Teresa said...

Vonna, this blog is just amazing! You're very talented at this sort of thing. Wow.