Monday, May 5, 2008

Clean Up ROUND #6 and Soon to Exchange ROUND #7

Hello Fair Square Members!

ROUND #6: I have everyone one marked as SENT except for three members. Perhaps those three have sent? and I've missed a post or they haven't posted to the board that they actually have sent? Please contact me ASAP - as per the rules, if members have not followed thorough with the current round and are signed up for the following round, then they cannot participate. We don't want that to happen! Please let me know if I've missed you!

ALSO: please check your name to make sure either your marked correctly as having Sent/received OR your missing from the list because you've sent and received already...can you do a quick check to make sure I'm catching everything please, it helps me a lot and keeps us all "fair and square". My appreciation!

ROUND #7: Yep, another round is beginning to go. I will close the round first thing Friday Morning when I turn my computer on and I'll get names out to you before Monday Morning. If you take a gander over there on list #7 I think we're nearing 70 participants, that's the largest exchange to date. So let's all please help in the maitenance of the board by sending on time and posting to the board. I appreciate your help!

Hope you all had a great weekend, it was lovely in Indiana ; )
have a super week!

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