Saturday, May 17, 2008

Holiday 4th of July Received

Here are the wonderful squares I received today from Joan S! Aren't they terrific? I especially love the way Joan made the personalised square.
Here are all the wonderful goodies Joan included with the squares...she made a project bag and a tuck pillow, a tiny chicken pincushion, some teardrop floss holders and then sent some darling holiday ribbon and fabric, a cute heart-shaped pin and a little flag-painted bucket (good for ORTs!) a sample of lotion and some tasty York mints.
Thank you very much, Joan! I love everything you sent!


Vonna said...

WOW...those are beautiful squares and you were spoiled senseless! Congrats!

Mama Joan said...

I am glad that you like the squares. I enjoyed stitching them.

Einschies blog said...

Hui what perfect fabric you found;-))