Sunday, May 11, 2008

Members - please read - MAJOR CHANGE!

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY! if you'd like to sign up for a round that is OPEN (please check dates) e-mail me personally - do not post to the board. There's too much to check and I've missed people that wanted in on rounds, blogger is not posting correctly 100% of the time and I'm left holding the bag. So as in other boards I'm going to ask that if you would like to sign up for a round to PLEASE e-mail Vonna at: Thank you!

Please, please, please DOUBLE CHECK me when you ask to sign up for a round. I've gotten many a disgruntled letter here in the past 72 hours. That's why I ask *repeatedly* I might say to please check the round lists to make sure you're on there. I apologize to those members that didn't get what they wanted.

And remember to that all the rounds are posted with dates so that you can see when they are open, when the squares are due, what's coming up, what is the theme (if there is one...but the themed rounds are either the Holiday Rounds or the Celebrate the Season Rounds...other than that if it has a number, look at your partner's profile to figure out what to stitch). That DOES NOT mean that ALL rounds are open for taking names. Each round has information listed with it that tells all members when the sign ups will be taken, if the round is open yet...etc. I've had many a e-mail in the past 2 weeks asking me to sign up for rounds that are not open yet. I'm not opening everything up at once because some of us get overzealous in our signing up and then some of us forget to follow through. I'm just thinking of everyone's best interest. We don't want disappointed partners left without a set of squares.

Thank you for your support, attention to detail, efforts in policing me to keep me legal...believe me I need all the help I can get!

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